Who are we?

Well, we’re the purveyors of good times. Our drinks have been created to bring people together, to make life fun, and look on the bright side of things.


NZ Born, UK Made.

Life’s too short to turn down good times with friends. Maybe that’s why we all need a Gerry’s. You might have heard that us Kiwis are quite good at going with the flow. So we’ve made a low-calorie hard seltzer to make kicking back together with a cold one the easiest decision of your day. No arm twisting. No drama. No plan, if you don’t want one. Just crack open a can and get the convo going.

When we drink, we drink social. Because with Gerry’s, it’s always good times, guaranteed.


Our Drinks

We make premium hard seltzers. Drinks that are healthier and great tasting. Our drinks are low-cal, all-natural, gluten-free, vegan. 

We are 100% made in England, and we use all-natural flavours from real fruit, blended with sparkling spring water and high quality spirits.