Hard Seltzer is an alcoholic beverage that contains carbonated water, alcohol and natural fruit flavours 🍓🍋🍉🍍

Hard seltzers are pre mixed, so as soon as you have the can in your hand, you’re good to go!

At Gerry’s we keep it simple, we’re fun fresh and fizzy as. 

Why are they creating a splash?

There’s a few reasons why hard seltzers are becoming the drink of choice, if you’ve never tried one, here’s why you have to give them a go…

Low calorie - Our current range has 102 calories or less in every 330ml can. For context the same sized Heineken has 139 calories and the average same glass of red wine has over 250 calories. When we say we live on the lighter side of life, we mean it.

Refreshing - Each can is mixed with water and sweet flavours, you’ll be surprised with just how great it tastes. We also think this helps with your hangover but this is not guaranteed!

Ready to drink - No more mixing. Hard seltzers are pre-made! Not only does this make them easy to bring with you it also means you know exactly what you’re getting, every time.

They are a hit worldwide - The US is leading the way in the hard seltzer market, with Nielsen reporting customers $3.7 billion spent on them in 2019. It doesn’t stop there though with the drink starting to make waves in Europe.

What alcohol percentage is a hard seltzer?

Whilst it can vary from brand to brand, we specialise in 5% ABV and most hard seltzers will be between 4-6%.

Hard seltzers in this sense still pack a punch, they are likely to have slightly more alcohol than your big beer and cider brands but much less than your average wine.

Why Gerry’s?

We are fun, fresh and fizzy as. Not only do we believe we have unbeatable taste but we actually give you a drinks brand you can be proud of. Fun flavours, bright pastels and an ethos to live on the lighter side of life, we don’t do boring and will always strive to give you drinks you love and good times you’ll remember.

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What about your flavours?

Gin Seltzers

Strawberry + Kiwi – As a Kiwi owned company, we love a kiwi and when you taste this flavour, you will too. Fruity, tasty and fizzy, see why this is a bestseller.

Cucumber + LemonYour classic G&T remixed. With new fruity flavours, you’ll soon ditch your mixology class when you’ve found this perfect recipe.


Rum Seltzers

Apple + Lime For rum lovers who like their mix a tad sweeter. Cool, crisp and effortless, see how rum seltzers still pack a punch.

Pineapple + Coconut Say goodbye to your Pina Colada with this lighter take on the Caribbean favourite. Let’s hit the beach with your new number 1.


Vodka Seltzers

Watermelon + MintThe taste of summer is here with this ideal, refreshing sunshine-ready classic. Light and crisp, perfect for sipping all day long.

Passionfruit + Lime – A real favourite, this fruity number is here to get the party started. If you’re looking for the perfect place to start, you can’t go wrong starting here…


If they’re all looking a little too good, then we recommend trying our delicious taster pack. A 10 pack special that includes each one of our flavours our taster pack is for the indecisive and party starters alike.