Our Story

Born in NZ but made in the UK, we’re the purveyor of good times with good people.

Our seltzers were created to bring mates together. Get the fun going. At Gerry’s, we’re all about making life feel that little bit… lighter.

Good Times Guaranteed

Life’s too short to turn down good times with friends. Maybe that’s why we all need a Gerry’s.

You might have heard that us Kiwis are quite good at going with the flow. So we’ve made a low calorie hard seltzer to make kicking back with a cold one the easiest decision of your day. No arm twisting. No drama. Just crack open a can, grab some company and get the convo going. Because when we drink, we drink social.


Our Purpose

We don’t just like feeling good.
We like doing good too, with stuff like this:


Life’s no party without people. They’re the true spirit of our brand, so we listen to them. From customers and employees to the wider community, we’re constantly learning from those around us – and work to build relationships that last.


Our products are low cal, all natural, gluten free and vegan… because at Gerry’s we’re committed to championing both physical and mental health. Who said you can’t be in it for a good time AND a long time?


We’re doing our part to protect the world we live in. We’re environmentally focused, using recyclable packaging and sustainable supply chains. And we’re always searching for ways to do better.


Our Drinks

From that pastel can to the irresistible flavours, our premium hard seltzers sparkle on every level. Low cal, gluten free and vegan, they’re the healthier option for those who love life as much as partying. And did we mention, they taste great too?

100% made in the UK, Gerry’s simply blends real fruit flavours, sparkling spring water and premium quality spirits – just all natural ingredients, and no funny fizzness.